43 Sweetest Candy That Starts With B – List Explained

Do you know how many candies start with B? Know a little? No matter, we have arrived with the vast collection of B lettered candy names only for you. 

It is pretty impossible to collect all the candy names starting with B. However, hunting and collecting the candy name could be an exciting experience for candy lovers. 

So, to enrich your knowledge about the B lettered candy names, just go through this article and choose your favourite one from the listing.

List Of Candy That Starts With B

Here is the list of your favourite candies that start with the letter B:

ButterscotchBlackberry PieBlueberry Pie
BrickleBoysenberry PieBlondie
BonbonsBaked ApplesBotan Rice Candy
Bazooka Taffy or GumBar CookiesBbopgi Or Dalgona
Bit O’ Honey Candy BarBêtise De CambraiBalikutsa
BountyBig HunkBrittle
Bazooka BubblegumBrain LickerBaby Ruth
BalistoBar NoneBar One
BoostBig TurkBreakaway
BournvilleBrancheBergamot from Nancy
Bubu LubuButterfingerBubble Yum
Brown ChocolateBubbaliciousBreathsavers
Baby Bottle PopBerlingotBlow Pops
Breath MintBottlecapsBubble Gum
Black Licorice

Details Of Candy That Starts With The Letter B

candies that start with b

Are you excitingly waiting to know more about these candies? Then just look ahead for the brief details about candy that starts with the letter b:

Brown sugar and butter are the main ingredients of Butterscotch, including corn syrup, cream, vanilla, and salt. Though it is similar to toffee, producers boil the sugar to make this excellent candy until the soft crack stage. 

1. Butterscotch

You can get brown sugar and butter flavour together in Butterscotch. 

2. Brickle

Simply Brickle is a toffee coated with chocolate. It was first sold on 20 November 1924 by John G. Woodward Co. 

3. Bonbons

The small chocolate confection Bonbons is filled with liqueur and various other sweet ingredients. Interestingly, manufacturers wrap Bonbons in the coloured wrapper to sell.  

4. Bazooka Taffy or Gum

Bazooka Taffy or Gum is like Bubble Gum made with sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, natural & artificial flavours, glycerin, citric acid, titanium dioxide. It was first introduced in 1947.

5. Bit O’ Honey Candy Bar

It is a honey-flavoured taffy that consists of almond bits. Six pieces of candy bar are wrapped in waxed paper packed by a cover wrapper.

The corn syrup, sugar, nonfat milk, almonds, honey, salt, egg whites, canola, coconut oil and other ingredients make this candy most delicious. 

6. Blondie

It is all about the variety of dessert bar that is also named as blonde brownie. Blondie is the chocolate brownie that contains flour, butter, eggs, baking powder and other ingredients with brown sugar.

It gives a full taste of cocoa. However, manufacturers bake Blondie like the traditional brownies.

7. Bar Cookies

Bar Cookies are mainly cookie-sized pieces of the baked batter. People also know this cookie as tray bakes. 

8. Bounty (Chocolate Bar)

Bounty is simply the rounded ends chocolate bar consisting of coconut filling inside. Hence, it is coated with dark chocolate and milk.

However, you will get two bars of Bounty wrapped into one packet. This is one of my most favourite candy bars that start with b.

9. Bazooka Bubblegum

‘Bazooka Candy Brands’ has produced Bazooka Bubblegum since 1947. It is simply bubble gum or chewing gum.

Strawberry Shake, Cherry Berry, Grape Rage, Watermelon Whirl are the most popular included flavour. Its package is very colourful with red, white, and blue colour wrapper. 

10. Balisto

Balisto is the biscuit bar coated with milk chocolate and centrally consists of digestive biscuits. Mars, Incorporated has been producing Balisto since 1981.

A single package contains two fingers of Balisto biscuit bar, where a multipack contains ten fingers. Interestingly, Balisto comes in various flavours with different colours. 

11. Boost (Chocolate Bar)

Cadbury manufactures Boost chocolate bar candy which consists of milk chocolate. But at the same time, this candy fills with caramel and biscuit. It is also available in peanut and caramel variants. 

12. Blackberry Pie

The blackberry pie consists of blackberry filling inside. It contains more sugar than blueberry pie. To prevent the burning, producers soak it in water before baking. 

13. Boysenberry Pie

Boysenberries ultimately looks like a combination of blackberries, loganberries, and raspberries. Berries are mixes with sugar and tapioca.

But sometimes cornstarch is used to make it better consistent. In Boysenberry pie, lemon juice, nutmeg is also found. 

14. Baked Apples

Baked apples are one of the most favourites to all candy lovers. It is a sweet baked apple coated with various delicious ingredients like chocolate, soft butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and oats.

Generally, Producers bake the apples at 375°F for about 45 minutes. 

15. Big Hunk

Annabelle Candy Company produces Big Hunk candy. It is ultimately the roasted peanut bar covered by chewy honey-coloured as very lite pink. You will get this delicious candy in a black wrapper. 

16. Brain Licker

Key Enterprises manufactures Brain Licker, which is taste like lemon juice. It is a sour liquid candy typically packaged in small bottles.

However, it possesses blue raspberry, strawberry flavours besides the cola flavour. The grape flavour is also available for this candy. 

17. Bar None

The Hershey Company distributes the Bar None chocolate bar that was first released in 1986. It is the iconic, delicious Candy that can make one nostalgic. 

18. Big Turk

Nestlé produces the Big Turk candy bar that has a chocolate coating over it. Colourful packages like red, white, and blue striped are found with this candy bar. 

Sugar, glucose, modified corn starch, cocoa butter, milk form this candy bar that includes chocolate, black carrot concentrate, natural flavour, citric acid, salt, soy lecithin. 

19. Blueberry Pie

It is a blueberry filled pie candy. Blueberry pie consists of sugar, lemon zest, cinnamon, and allspice. Besides, there are two crusts, top and bottom, where the top crust is generally a circular shape. 

20. Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy is a soft, chewy, citrus-flavoured candy with an outer cover of rice paper or Oblaat. Interestingly, the rice paper is like a plastic wrapper, but it is edible that dissolves quickly.

Botan Rice Candy seems like caramel candies that fall in the Japanese candy category. The stickered colourful packages enhance the attraction for this candy mostly. 

It includes sugar, sweet rice, water, lemon flavouring, orange flavour, and water. 

21. Bbopgi Or Dalgona

It is a Korean Sponge Candy like toffee, seafoam candy. Sugar baking soda forms this Bbopgi or Dalgona sugar candy. Besides, caramel is also found in Bbopgi or Dalgona sometimes. 

22. Balikutsa

Balikutsa is the hand-pulled, delightful native candy. Pulled sugar shaped this candy that is cooked sugarcane molasses.

It melted quickly and served as the compliment for the coffee cup. 

23. Bergamot From Nancy

Bergamot From Nancy is the golden colour bergamot flavoured sweet, sour candy. It generally is square, flat, translucent shaped. 

24. Berlingot

Berlingot is the caramel flavoured hard candy. It is also known as traditional hard sweet or honey candy. However, the rounded edges and various colours make this caramel candy exceptional. 

25. Betise De Cambrai

It is the boiled sweet candy with mint flavour mainly. But now Bêtise de Cambrai is available in so many other flavours. 

26. Brittle Candy

Brittle Candy is a flat broken piece of hard sugar. Nuts like pecans, almonds, or peanuts embed the smooth 1 cm thicken hard candy. 

27. Baby Ruth

It is a candy bar consists of peanuts, milk and caramel. On the outer side, the candy is coated with compound chocolate that is of nougat flavour. It also includes dry-roasted peanuts. 

28. Bar One Candy

Nestlé manufactures the Bar One candy that is a chocolate bar. This candy consists of a layer of nougat that is malted. On the top side, caramel is found with the milk chocolate coat. 

29. Breakaway

The Breakaway candy is like the digestive biscuit. Nestlé produces this hard candy. Milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, dried milk, whey powder, vegetable fat is used as the ingredients of this biscuit candy.

Sugar, whole oat flour, coconut is also available in this delicious candy bar. 

30. Bournville

Cadbury produces this Bournville dark chocolate named after a village of Birmingham, England. It contains cocoa from 44% to 50%. The package of this dark bar chocolate is also dark. 

31. Bubu Lubu

It is a chocolate bar containing strawberry and marshmallow flavoured filling inside. On the outer side, chocolate covers the flavoured filling. It is available in a glossy blue coloured package. 

32. Brown Chocolate

Cocoa beans generally form the sweet Brown Chocolate candy. Basically, cocoa beans come from brown trees. Various shapes are available of Brown chocolate with the round or bar shape. 

33. Baby Bottle Pop

Topps manufactures the Baby Bottle Pop that is lollipops in baby bottle shape. This candy is also known as candy bottle pops. 

So many flavours are available of Baby Bottle Pop, including strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, ghost rust, grape, watermelon. It is eaten by dipping into powdered sugar given with the bottle. 

34. Breath Mint

Breath Mint is preferred as after-meal refreshment candy. This candy generally improves breath odour. However, this mint candy contains peppermint oil or spearmint oil.

But several variations are also available, like hard mint, soft mints, mint imperials, scotch mints. 

35. Black Liquorice

It is a black coloured confection candy made from the extract of the liquorice plant’s roots. The main ingredients of this confectionery candy are liquorice extract, binder, and sugar. 

Besides, the liquorice candy can contain about 2% of ammonium chloride and sweetener glycyrrhizin. But anise oil’s flavour is also available in some candy. 

36. Branche

Ferrara Candy Company manufactures various types of candies like Branche candies, candy corns. It was of only caramel flavour in the very beginning, but now they are also available in other flavours. 

37. Butterfinger

Ferrara Candy Company produces Butterfinger candy bars. It has a crispy peanut butter layer inside with a chocolate coat. It also possesses the flavour of cocoa and milk. 

38. Bubblicious

It is originally bubble-gum candy. Bubblicious possess various flavours like cotton candy, sour cherry, choco-chip with paradise punch. The liquid-filled centre is available in Bubblicious candy. 

39. Bubble Yum

The Hershey Company produces Bubble Yum, which is the soft bubble gum candy. It is also known as rubber bubblegum. 

40. Breath Savers

Breath Savers is typically the mint candy first introduced in 1973. It looks like a cylindrical roll with 12 mints in each. Interestingly, Breath Savers has a shallow depression in its centre. 

41. Blow Pops

Blow Pops are ultimately lollipops with bubble gum and have a hard candy shell over it. Charms Candy Company manufactures this most popular candy. It is wrapped individually in a single packet. 

42. Bottle Caps Candy

It is the sweet tablet candies that seem like metal soda bottle caps. It comes in various flavours like orange, root beer, grape, cola, including cherry flavour. Three candies are available in one single package. 

43. Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is the chewing gum type candy. Ester’s flavour is available in Bubble gum. It also includes pineapple, cinnamon, cloves, and wintergreen flavour.

There is vanilla, cherry, lemon ingredients in this candy. 

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Final Words

Finding the candy that starts with B can be the next exciting game with your friends. Possibly you got your most favourite candy from the listing too. 

Moreover, you now know the details about the candies than before. Perhaps it will make you more aware whenever having your favourite one!

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