Best 29 Sweetest Candy That Starts with E for 2023

Do you know only 10 or 20 candy that starts with E? You will be surprised to know that E lettered candy name is much more than that. Yes, it’s really surprising. 

Possibly you know about English toffee, Easter bunny, Energy Bars, etc., but the listing is beyond these. 

Well, in today’s article, you will find some colorful candy names that are not only nice in name but also in taste. So, let’s get started to dive into the E lettered candy world.

List Of Candy That Starts With E

Hope you will get your favorite candy name from the list below:

Eyeball GummyExtra MintsExcel Gum
EntenmannsExtra GumEvery Flavor Beans
Egg GummiesEdible PaperElephant Gummies
EfruttiExtra Chewing GumEclairs
English ToffeeEdible CigarettesEl Bubble
Extra Strong MintEaster EggEverlasting Gobstopper
Energy BarsEaster CandyEaster Peeps
EiskonfektEaster Bunny ChocolateEaster Milk Chocolate
Eggs CadburyEggnog TrufflesEsspapier
Eggnog FudgeEgg Haribo

Details About Candy That Starts With E

Perhaps there is no one who does not taste the sweet candies ever. If it is about the candy starting with E, most people like it.

However, this article is all about the candies to give you a brief overview of each candy listed above. Just scroll and enjoy.

1. Eyeball Gummy

Eyeball gummy candies are unique candy that is filled with Marshmellow candy. Children like this eyeball gummy that really looks like the eyeball. Sometimes several numbers of candy are found individually wrapped in one packet.

2. Entenmanns

Entenmann’s produces several types of popular cookies, candies, chocolate. This British confectioner also makes lollipops and toffees with various flavors, including caramel. 

3. Egg Gummies

Egg gummies look like the original egg and also taste like eggs. It brings the best opportunity to eat eggs in a candy form. Egg gummies contain lemonade, food coloring, Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin, sugar in some plastic eggs. 

However, this candy is full of protein containing the yolk portion in the middle. Overall, Egg gummies candy gives a flavor of mixed gummies. 

4. Efrutti 

Efrutti was first founded in 1977. They produce various types of candies with natural ingredients with multiple flavors. They produce the best quality homemade candies ever.

5. English Toffee

English toffee is a portion of broken flat butter that contains peanut on its over. It has a pleasant smell of caramel flavor and browned butter. Besides, it also contains hard sugar candy with coconut. 

The browned butter and cocoa are used to make it, so its colors like brown or sometimes black. However, the roasted sugar is a little bit harder than any other candies. 

6. Extra Strong Mint

The extra strong mint has produced mints candy in the United Kingdom since 1935. This candy contains a strong flavor of mint flavor that gives a fresh feel always. 

7. Energy Bars

Energy Bars are candy bars that work to supplement a heavy meal and give a high energy level. It includes cereals in it to provide quick energy to the human body. 

This bar’s weight is about 30 and 50 g and can supply 200 to 300 Calory with 7 to 15 g of protein. Energy Bars are available with various types of sugars like fructose, glucose, and maltodextrin. Besides, oats and barley are also available in this candy bar, which is the primary carbohydrate source. 

Though the fats level is low in Energy bars, cocoa butter and dark chocolate give little fats with dark or brown color. But, whatsoever, these candy bars are a quick source of instant energy for the people who do outdoor activities. 

7. Eiskonfekt

Rios produces this sweet candy named as Eiskonfekt. It contains entrahmte milch, zucker, kokosfett, wasser, fettarmes kakaopul with molkenerzeugnis, glukosesirup and milk. Nuts, Peanuts make this candy crispier and more delicious. 

However, it is found in 40x10ml size in Papier wrapping. 

8. Eggs Cadbury

The Hershey Company produces the Eggs Cadbury is a candy-coated with chocolate that comes with an egg shape. It possesses a thick chocolate shell filled with sweet white and yellow filling on the outer side just like an original egg. The yolk is made of a soft-boiled egg of chicken or goose. 

During New Year’s Day and Easter, the demand for this candy increases in the United Kingdom. Eggs Cadbury tastes slightly like the original Dairy Milk chocolate. You will find several Eggs Cadbury in a box individually wrapped in colorful foil paper like pink, blue, purple, and yellow. 

9. Eggnog Truffles

Eggnog Truffles is the delicious ball candy that is dipped into the melted chocolate. It includes well-mixed cheese, powdered sugar, nutmeg, and rum. The smooth white melted chocolate makes this candy sweetest and more attractive. 

10. Eggnog Fudge

Eggnog fudge is a desert-type square-shaped candy. Milk and other ingredients are used to make this thick sweet candy. 

11. Egg Haribo

It is candy like the fried egg with yellow gummy yolk on its center. However, Egg Haribo comes in a light blue color packet. 

12. Extra Mints

Wrigley Company produces the Extra mints candy. Menthol, peppermint oil, natural sweeteners are the main ingredients of extra mints. But sometimes, producers use some natural colors to make the candy more colorful. 

13. Extra Gum

Wrigley Company has manufactured extra gum candy in North America, Europe, Australia, including some of the parts of Africa and Asia since 1984. It is the first sugar-free gum using NutraSweet. 

Extra gum is available in so many flavors, including spearmint, peppermint, cool breeze, winter fresh, ice, polar ice, classic bubble, bubble mint, strawberry, watermelon, tropical, berry, liquorice, berry burst, etc.

14. Edible Paper

Edible paper is often called the edible rice paper used in home baking food generally. It looks like separate-colored sheets, sometimes with colorful images printed on them. 

However, starches and sugars are the main ingredients of this Edible paper. The images are printed on it by the edible food colors. Moreover, it is also used to decorate edible cake toppers.

15. Extra Chewing Gum

Extra chewing gum is mostly gum-based candy. Mainly the polymers, plasticizers, and resins make this extra chewing gum. Producers also use a mixture of food-grade softeners, preservatives, sweeteners with colors and flavorings. 

But this Extra chewing gum containing sugar can be bad for human oral health for excessive consumption. 

16. Edible Cigarettes

It is a candy that looks like the original cigarettes. Chalky sugar, bubblegum, and chocolate form this candy which is available in wrapped paper. Sometimes powdered sugar is found hidden in the wrapped paper for producing a cloud of sugar that is like smoke. 

However, there is a controversy that this Edible cigarette candy influences children to become smokers later. That’s why it is banned in most of the country. 

17. Easter Egg

Easter egg is also known as Paschal eggs. Basically, it is a chocolate egg wrapped in colorful foil paper. Though traditionally, people gift decorated real eggs as gifts, nowadays, this gift is substituted by chocolate eggs. 

18. Easter Candy

Easter candy is a set of candies that are popular occasionally. Jelly Beans, Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate bunnies are the most popular Easter candy. They are also available in many flavors like strawberry, watermelon, cherry jelly bean candy flavors, etc. 

19. Excel Gum

Wrigley Company has produced Excel gum that is a kind of chewing gum with mints flavor since 1991 in Canada. It has an exciting slogan like ‘Eat, drink, chew, Excel.’ Excel gum is available in many flavors like fuse, voltage, charge, and shock. 

Moreover, spearmint, peppermint, polar ice, winter fresh, chlorophyll, cinnamon that was previously inferno cinnamon, lemon freeze, cherry chill, tangerine, freeze, night chill, sweet mint, citrus mint, intense mint flavors are also available for Excel gum. 

20. Every Flavor Beans

Every Flavor Beans is a candy made of caster or superfine sugar. You may find powdered gelatine or titanium-strength gelatine leaves in this candy. However, Every Flavor Bean is available in so many colorings and flavors. 

22. Elephant Gummies

Elephant gummies are soft and chewy gummies shaped like little elephants. This candy attracts the children mainly. It is available in so many colors and sizes. Lemon, grape, blueberry, green apple, orange flavors are available for these sweet Elephant gummies. 

23. Eclairs

Eclairs is a Light and airy pastry or candy filled with vanilla cream and chocolate icing on the top. It is an oblong-shaped candy. The people who love to have candy dipped in chocolate, Eclairs can be the best choice for them. 

24. El Bubble

El bubble is a flavorful, delicious chewy candy. It looks almost like a stick candy that is bubble-blowing. It contains the mixed flavor of fruit like orange, grape, strawberry, banana, apple. Blue and pink are the most familiar color for El bubble candy.

25. Everlasting Gobstopper

Chicago candy company manufactures the Everlasting Gobstopper candy that was introduced in 1976. This candy has several discrete layers with different colors and flavors in layers. Everlasting Gobstopper also has a chewy center available. 

However, the inner layer of this candy is of pink color with the yellow, orange, green, purple color layer in the middle and the outer side. 

26. Easter Peeps

Easter peeps are sweet candy available in many shapes, including chicks, bunnies, and other animals. Various shapes are also found on multiple occasions. 

27. Easter Milk Chocolate

Easter Milk Chocolate is an egg-shaped candy that is filled with peanut butter eggs. It is the perfect mixer of peanut butter with milk chocolate. Easter Milk Chocolate is found in colorful foil wrapping paper individually. 

This candy includes milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, nonfat milk, milk fat with peanuts, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil. 

28. Esspapier

Esspapier is a type of crunchy edible paper. It is available in various fruity flavors, including wild berries, tutti-frutti, apple, strawberry, etc. 

29. Easter Bunny Chocolate

Easter bunny chocolate is the candy shaped of the Easter bunny. Most of this chocolate is consumed in Germany every year. This candy is made of fresh chocolate. 

Final Words

Possibly you have found your favorite candy in the above candy list. However, there are so many candies that are involved with the various cultures and occasions. 

So, whenever you have your favorite candy that starts with E, you can remember the candy history, enhancing your experience more. 

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