Disney Characters That Start With X – Name With Their Details

If someone challenges you to say Disney characters that start with x, how many names can you say? maybe you can say 2 or 3 characters, but can you name them all?  Apparently, you can’t, and if you can’t, then I hope this article will be perfect for you.

In this content, I am covering all the Disney characters and details about them that start with the letter x. Let’s explore them. And more are coming soon.

List Disney Characters That Start With X

To help you in the list challenge and to enrich your knowledge about Disney characters, here I am providing the list of Disney characters that start with the letter X:

1. XR

XR (Xperimental Ranger) is the famous character from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (Animated TV Series). It’s a robotic space ranger character built with green, purple and white colors, voiced by Larry Miller.

He can easily rebuild if he is destroyed and he becomes powerful when he faces anime.

2. XL

XL is an antagonist Disney character from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, which is voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait. He loves his family, protects the innocent and hates being used, betrayal.

3. Xyla

Xyla is a ladybug character from Doc McStuffins and she is voiced by Tiffany Thornton. This ladybug loves to play music.

She often needs to fix her loose key which is sticking up with her figure and Doc replace it with the new key. Her quote is “Hi, everyone. I’m Xyla.” and “My key, it is gone. Now I look as weird as I sound.” 

4. Xerxes

Xerxes is a Disney character from the Aladdin TV series. This character is voiced by Frank Welker.

He looks like a floating lamprey creature and speaks broken English. Xerxes is loyal to his master and can be sadistic. He can fight and likes evil.

5. David Xanatos

David Xanatos is the main Disney character of Gargoyles (TV Series). This character is designed by Greg Weisman and voiced by Jonathan Frakes.

He loves fine arts and his family and hates to waste and his son in danger. David Xanatos has the next level of intelligence, he knows martial arts and magic. David Xanatos’s famous quote is “Pay a man enough and he’ll walk barefoot into hell.”

6. Xavier

Xavier is a deleted character of Tangled, also it’s a recurring character of (Tangled: The Series).  This character is designed by Dan Cooper and voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

He is a blacksmith and historian who loves to tell stories, legends and bonfires. Xavier hates black magic and evil. His other name is Xaves.

x disney characters


After reading this article I hope you have already found your favorite Disney characters that start with X. My favorite one is XR. Now you can win the challenge, right?

If I missed mentioning some character names then you can easily let me know by commenting here and don’t forget to share the list with your friends and family.