Longest Disney Movies Till Now – Bet You Didn’t Know This

Disney movies always have an important place in our hearts. Whether bored or excited, a movie on the go never sounds like a bad idea. But do you ever wonder about the longest Disney movie list to add to your watchlist? We do! 

That’s why we have taken a look at the longest Disney movies that you can watch. We have both animated and non-animated movies that you will enjoy. So, let’s have a look at what we have got for you! 

The Longest Disney Movies List For You:

Here is the all-together list of the longest Disney movies that are longer than usual:

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s EndMary PoppinsIncredibles 2
Dead Man’s Chest FantasiaRalph
Pearl Harbor The Lord Of The RingsBedknobs And Broomsticks
Treasure IslandThe IncrediblesPete’s Dragon
Mary Poppins ReturnsCarsSpirited Away
Pete’s DragonTangledHowl’s Moving Castle
Raya And The Last DragonThe Princess And The FrogZootopia
RatatouilleZootropolisThe Hunchback Of Notre Dame
UpMeet The RobinsonsMonsters, Inc.
Mary PoppinsFinding NemoWreck-It Ralph

Longest Disney Princess Movies That You Must Watch 

Now we will share the Disney princess movies that you must watch. These movies are longer than any usual Disney movies, so you can watch these when you want something to watch for a  long time! 

  1. Moana

Moana was released in 2016 as an American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film. It is the 56th animated film by Disney, which has a duration of 1h 43m. The main character of Moana is Moana herself. She is a brave and adventurous girl filled with kindness. 

  1. Raya and the Last Dragon

With a duration of 1 hour and 47 minutes, Raya and the Last Dragon is mainly a fantasy film. The plot is based on the cultures of Southeast Asia. The main character of this film is Raya.

  1. Frozen

Who hasn’t watched the legendary film Frozen yet? This is the best film to make your kids watch for a boost in confidence.

The main character of Frozen is Elsa. This movie comes with a duration of 1h 42m and gives the lesson of acknowledging your differences and embracing them.

  1. Tangled

The 2010 Disney film Tangles has a duration of 100 minutes. The main character of the movie is Rapunzel with her impressive long hair that catches our hearts.

We can get the lesson to believe in ourselves and take chances. Therefore not let anything or anyone hold us back from achieving what we want from life. 

  1. The Princess and the Frog

Who doesn’t remember the unique plot when the princess kisses the frog, and he becomes a prince?

This is the most beautiful storyline we can ever imagine. The film was released in 2009 with a duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes.

The Longest Animated Disney Movies List

Now, we will share the specific details of the animated Disney movies that have taken the list of the most extended duration. Let’s have a look:

  1. Mary Poppins

With a duration of 2 hours & 20 minutes, Mary Poppins will blow your mind. The movie teaches us the lesson of always being positive.

  1. Fantasia (1940)

This film lasts 124 minutes and is one of the longest Disney movies. The animated classic is undoubtedly a masterpiece that you will love to let your kids watch.

  1. The Lord Of The Rings

The box office hit movie is based on the fictional world of Middle-earth. It has a duration of 132 Minutes as one of the longest movies Disney ever made. 

  1. Tarzan

Tarzan was released in 1999 with a duration of 1 hour and 49 minutes. The main character of Tarzan is Tarzan himself. 

  1. Hercules

The film was released in 1997 with a duration of 1 hour 33 minutes. The main character of the film is Hercules. We can learn to be courageous and face our fears from the movie. 

  1. The Incredibles 

Who hasn’t watched both parts of this film? It comes with a duration of 115 Minutes to blow your mind. 

  1. Cars 

This kid’s movie is 117 Minutes, with a lot of nostalgia, and can keep your kids’ hooked until the end. Both parts have incredible messages that are worth sharing. 

  1. Wreck-It Ralph

The duration of Wreck-It Ralph is 112 Minutes, which shares the message of having fun in life. The whole comedy movie can be a good source of laughter for children and adults. 

  1. Bedknobs And Broomsticks

Here is another long movie produced by Disney with a duration of 2h and 19m. This movie is based on three characters- a witch, three kids, and a magician conman. The storyline is worth keeping yourself attached to see what happens. 

  1. Spirited Away

If you love thrilling mysteries, this movie is the right choice for you. The movie comes in a duration of 2h and 5m. Enough to keep you attached to see what happens next. 

  1. Howl’s Moving Castle

The love story between a girl who turned into a witch and the magician will surely blow your mind. The movie duration is 1h and 59m.

  1. Zootopia

The mammal metropolis of this movie is very interesting to let your kids learn about the animals in 108 Minutes.

The Longest Disney Kids Movies To Watch 

Now it’s time to share the kids’ movies for your convenience. Here are the longest Disney kids’ movies: 

  1. Pete’s Dragon

The whole movie is based on the adventures of a boy named Pete who has a dragon. The story is very charming and unique with a duration of 2h and 14m.

  1. Ratatouille

This movie is about a rat that can cook. He works in a famous restaurant and incidents happen revolving around him. The duration of the movie is 1h and 51m.

  1. Up

This movie is about a 78-year-old balloon salesman who wants to fulfill a dream. The journey is very interesting and you can watch it for 1h 36m.

  1. Mary Poppins

In this 2h 19m long movie, you will see the musical fantasy storyline. This is a unique movie from the other ones as it is a musical film. 

  1. Meet The Robinsons

During the 1h 35m you will encounter a lot of scientific explanations and the story of a little boy. This movie is very interesting for teen kids who love different tastes. 

  1. Finding Nemo

In the 100 minutes of this film, they explain the journey of two fishes. The fishes overcome different obstacles that are fun enough to watch for a long time with your popcorn.

  1. Coco 

This movie comes with a duration of 105 Minutes. The main plot is about a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who fell into misery in the Land of the Dead.

Closing The Call For Now

Our discussion about the longest Disney movies is done. We have found a lot of movies that you can watch together with your family and kids. These movies give us all moral lessons that help in the development of children. 

So, introduce your kids to these movies and watch how they enjoy the twists and fun that the movies show. They will be a good source of educational pastime for the kids as Disney movies contain different moral messages that are inevitable to learn.

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